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Members List and Player Profiles
Glenwood Rovers

Glenwood Team Member's 2001/02

Merril Lynch Estimated that the team below is worth a combined 135 Million Euro.

Odhran O'Brien - 086 8389843
John Sheehan - 086 6861872
Niall Ward - 087 2443845
Kieran McSherry - 087 9064055
Brian O'Brien - 087 639 8494
Mark O'Brien - 087 9154673
Paul McSherry - 087 7858476
Johnny Roche - 087 9536924
Richie Murray - 087 7675902
Colm Ward - 087 6380230
Colm McAdam - 087 6777327
Dave Farrell - 087 2204746
David Lynch - 087 6639547
Eamonn Dunne - 086 3697936
Brian Gilroy - 087 9706792
Kevin Prendergast - 086 8101555
Paul Foley - 087 6940231
Michael McBride - 087 9363457
Darren O' Brien - 087 2306810
Paul Waters - 087 6728630
Karl Daly - 087 6414125
Cormac Langford - 087 6509560
Shane O'Brien Jr - 086 3049788

September's Star Player Profile

Odhran O'Brien


Name: Odhran OBrien

Date of birth: 23/09/73

Favourite team:
The A Team

Favourite Current Player: 
Djimi Traore

Favourite Player of Yester year:
Nicky Tanner

Favourite Hobby:
Attending Funerals

Favourite Foreign Team:
Livingstone- Its great to see a pub team doing so well in the Scottish Premier Division.

Favourite Glenwood Player- Mick "Mick" McBride - How Brian Kerr has overlooked this legend is beyond me.  The Complete Footballer.

Greatest Moment as a Glenwood Player- The day I was at home watching teletext back in 1997. My son cried out, "dad, dad look at this" I can remember it as if it were yesterday. It was page 304 and the headline read, "Ward joins the Glenwood Revolution". There were more lucrative offers from Spain, France and Italy but he had a good agent and negotiated an, "all you can eat", deal with the club. Its really worked out for him.

Sadest Moment as a Glenwood Player- The day several of the pins which hold down our nets were stolen.  I still have nightmares.


Best Glenwood Moment; I must confess I had tears in my eyes that time I saw 11 players turning up to a match on time.

Worst Glenwood Moment; Spilling a pint after the bar had closed at one of last years end of season parties.

Most underrated player at the club : Phil Babb. He's spent long enough in our reserves. With a bit of practice I reckon he could make it onto our bench.

Favourite Hobby : Training the colony of wood lice that inhabit my bathroom to preform circus tricks.

Favourite Food : Anything that the wood lice haven't got to.

Favourite Song : Saturday Night by Whigfield. It sums up the emotional highs and lows of my public and private life perfectly, and sets a tone to which I aspire to set my life to.

Future plans outside of football : In the unlikely event that I don't make it as a professional footballer, I intend to be a nerdy computer programmer, or an angry drunk.


Best Glenwood Moment : Our first continental signing, Raul, diving poetically to win his first penalty ( Loreto Park, 1996)

Worst Glenwood Moment : Missing from the spot in a penalty shootout on Odhran O'Brien's debut, 1991 - after all the effort he'd put in, I just couldn't face him afterwards without the tears welling up.

Most Underrated Player at the club : Has to be me.

Favourite Hobby : Thumbing through the Glenwood stats on a Friday night.

Favourite food : My traditional pre-match chicken and beans.

Favourite Drink : Lucozade Sport. It gets to your thirst - fast.

Future Plans outside of football : To be Player of the Year in Division 3A Sunday of the AUL.


Best Glenwood Moment: Scoring a groovy hat-trick last season that included a top corner 30 yarder.

Worst Glenwood Moment: Missing from 0 yards a few seasons ago with the ball stuck in the mud firmly between my legs.

Most underrated player at the club: Arthur

Favourite Hobby: Growing carrots and making wax moulds of
the holes that they leave in the ground. Very fulfilling.

Favourite Food: Medallions of fillet beef served with a light bernaise sauce, saute mushrooms with parsnip cus-cus. Every Thursday.

Favourite Song: The Adventures of Greggary Peccary by
Frank Zappa

Future plans outside of football: I intend to take each game as it comes.

Favourite Player of all time: Matthew LeTissier.


Best Glenwood Moment; Johnny's wonderful miss while he sat on the ball on the goal line.

Worst Glenwood Moment; Watching flight 347 to Dusseldorf last May 2000

Most underrated player at the club; Paul McSherry

Favourite Hobby; Watching children in the playground

Favourite Food; Anything with a pulse

Favourite Song; New York New York

Future plans outside of football; To become chairman of Glenwood and sell the club for my profit.


Best Glenwood Moment: Suggesting that the team be named "Glenwood," after my two musical inspirations, Glen Medeiros and Woodie Guthrie. So now you all know.

Worst Glenwood Moment: Those eight long years on the bench... was my first outing really that bad? (OK don't all shout at once)

Most underrated player at the club: John Sheehan, why everyone sneaks around behind his back deriding his
soccer skills and giving his girlfriend one is just beyond me. What about loyalty chaps?

Favourite hobby: Taking old Subbuteo players, sawing them in half and glueing different halfs together, thereby creating new and exciting away strips.

Favourite food: Taco Dog from AbraKebabra five minutes prior to kick-off. it's vital to maintain that low centre of gravity.

Favourite song: Get in the Ring, by the immortal G'n'R. Who could not help but be inspired by such lyrics as "Bob Guccione Junior at Spin. What, you pissed off 'cos
your Dad gets more pussy than you? Fuck you. Suck my fuckin' dick." God, it still has the power to move you doesn't it?

Future plans outside of football: I hope to unite all the Dubln leagues into one super league with 68 divisions, end of season play-offs for the top 136 teams, and a Grand Final
played in our own AUL National Stadium, a 120,000 capacity stadium on the site of Loreto Park. I am also pledged to make Ireland's Call the one true national anthem.


Niall Ward

Best Glenwood Moment; My Debut in 1997.

Worst Glenwood Moment; The day I am forced out the door.

Most underrated player at the club; No one.

Favourite Hobby; Marking football pitches

Favourite Food; Fish burgers - no ketchup!

Favourite Song; 'When you were sweet sixteen' The Furey brothers and Davey Arthur

Future plans outside of football; None


Darren O'Brien

Best Glenwood Moment; Watching us score in the last minute against Borhenabreena in the cup to draw 1 - 1 and then to win the game on penalties.

Worst Glenwood Moment; Letting 7 goals in against Transport FC

Most underrated player at the club; Richie Murray

Favourite Hobby: Soccer

Favourite Food: Lasagne

Favourite Song: Vincent De Moor - Fly Away

Future plans outside of football - Start my own Computer company


Brian O'Brien


Colm McAdams


Colm Ward


Eamonn Dunne


Mark O'Brien


Michael McBride


Paul Foley


Paul MacSherry


Alan Greenan






Dave Farrell


David Lynch


Richard Murray


Shane O'Brien